Income generating projects

Out of catechism
IALI-Foundation continues to build capacities of different groups including the catechists in various owned projects like agriculture, small businesses, schooling and animal keeping for income generation. This has been recognized as an important empowerment mechanism of changing the life and living standards of families, and the most important is changing the mindset of dependency because on doing business it brings the sense of ownership to what a person is doing.

Below is Mr. Oscar Holowa (the catechist) also working on small business of selling Kanga and Vitenge (clothes mostly worn by women) of which has contributed additional income of an average of 288,300Tsh per month as compared before he was only depending on salary of 50,000Tsh from the parish works. This project has impacted his livelihood on different aspects like covering medication, school bills and farm financing. This is big achievement for him and for his family.

Mr OOsward on his grocery shop

Not only that but also Mr Osward the catechist is also doing his business on groceries of which he manages himself and the family on livelihood improvement like housing. He is currently financing his house construction through the business that was empowered through IALI Foundation and the Association of Friends of Ifakara.

The family, the community and all other stakeholders are proud of what Osward is doing.

Mr OOscar Holowa on his vitenge shop while checking his book keeping

Nevertheless, women catekists are not behind on supporting their families through small businesses. Income generated from this business halps the family on food, clothing, schooling and sustaining animals keeping project. Below is mdam Tukuzeni Wisso on her shop at home that was facilitated by IALI Foundation sponsored by the association of Friends of Ifakara.

Greetings for 2019 and welcoming 2020

As we are almost ending the year 2019, the association of Friends of Ifakara and sister NGO  IALI- FOUNDATION is greatfull for all partners and members of the association in Austria and all people of Ifakara working together in livelihood improvement works. Starting from the farming groups, students, teachers, individual persons of special needs, katekists, founder members of IALI Foundation and the workers in Ifakara would like to express our sincere gratitude for making this year 2019 a smiling one.
Taking the case of katekists and workers of Ifakara parish, this year has restored back our happiness and immerse support from the foundation and association of Friends of Ifakara by making this group as part of their concern to contribute our household development. It has enabled us sponsoring our various development projects such as agriculture, animal keeping, small businesses like mini shops etc, this is big support of which is recognised to empower not only individual katekist but the katekist’s family. This makes us so proud of ourselves being katekists, mothers and fathers of the families around us.

These are quoted words from katekists themselves during our meeting together on December 6th 2019.

The coordinator and all members of the team would like to wish you a happy new year 2020, may the coming year be a wonderful one of progress in all our sponsors of the projects and plans so that to continue supporting the people of Ifakara. The livelihood of people especially poor are real of our concern that keeps us thinking, realizing and supporting in order to make each and every single person to feel recognized.

In collaboration with the local government we continue coming up with new ideas and projects to help people and promote their development. As it is coming, sunflower production is a new diversity of our projects to enabling smallholder farmers in cash crop production for income generation.

Below are the improved seeds already prepared for coming planting season of 2020IMG_20191106_101715dav_vividabove is the trial done in 2019 to see if sunflower is making good in different parts of Ifakara, it was recommended by agricultural officers that the crop is working good with the soil and weather only if cropping techniques are followed. So it is our role to teach the farmers and support them with seeds and all the required knowledge on the crop.

It is expected that farmers who will engage in sunflower farmers will increase their farm and household income because will have extended their income sources from rice only to rice and sunflower.

Katindiuka primary school education facility construction

A school class constructed by the people of Katindiuka in collaboration with Friends of Ifakara makes these young children possible to acquire their basic education. Before the construction of this class it was not easy for them to learn in such beautiful class and population was more than 100 pupils in one class, hence lowered the attendance and the understanding level because of poor facilities existed to accommodate the number pupils. Our partnership with Katindiuka primary school is continuing on other projects like toilets for the pupils and extra classroom especially for kindergarten.

Establishment of “Initiative for Agri-economy and Livelihood Improvement-IALI Foundation”

IALI Foundation comes as a sister organization of the Association of Friends of Ifakara officially registered this year 2019 under Tanzania NGOs act of 2002 with registration No. 00NGO/00010203. This does not only open up a new page of operations of its planned projects but also the continuation of already established and ongoing projects to people of Ifakara.

Since the establishment of project office in Ifakara 2013, worked in partnership with catholic diocese and the parish of Ifakara for the Association of Friends of Ifakara –Austria/German. The project office has implemented her projects regardless of encountered challenges during the period. The official registration of IALI Foundation in Tanzania comes to solve such encountered challenges as it will now operate independent NGO with all legal rights and obligations.

Such projects include; supporting parish works and catechists, agriculture and animal keeping for insuring food security and livelihood improvement at household level, education through sponsoring High Achieving Low Income students from poor families, empowering women on various socio-economic aspects like income generating activities, developing to them small entrepreneurship and agribusiness skills. Nevertheless, teaching and empowering the youth on life skills, ethics and HIV pandemic preventions and protection for good and better health not only individually but a society as a whole. This time also we focus on environment protection through education on climate change mitigation and tree planting.


Tree planting, landscaping and gardening project for youth 


Rice farming among women 

Animal keeping for goats and pigs


School construction for young pupils 


Sunflower…our future new cash crop project within the region 

Tremendous appreciations go to the Association of Friends of Ifakara-Austria/German and all the people for facilitating this very important process of working independent and continuing funding our projects which in collaboration with the government aim at helping especially poor people to realize their livelihoods through the above mentioned interventions to young people and women in specific for the region.


Certificate of NGO registration according to Tanzanian laws and regulations


Boresha maadili club- sisi wao na wale katika maadili- Ethical club- we and them in ethics

Kilombero secondary school in Ifakara town is one of our partner that we work together in educating the young students on ethics, HIV prevention and life skills development. The project entails awareness creation on danger of HIV, teachings proper ways and means to avoid the disease and possible ways of infections, empower them on socio-economic skills like engaging on income generating activities to avoid temptations leading to early unsafe sex which is very common.  

This July we implemented together with students and teachers a social event of poems, songs, drama and music from various groups including students themselves to pass the knowledge among all participated people. The T-shirts were printed the club slogan, which also helped as motivation to the club members and awareness to many through it and among the outcome of the event was the official inauguration if the club at the school, more students joined the club of which more and more knowledge is expected to be disseminated to youth in order to create awareness on targeted issues for a safer society in general. We expect this club in the future to reach more schools and more people within Ifakara.



Student’s success is our passion



This is Fransica Doka the orphanage, she lives with her grandparents who are incapable of managing her studies. Since she is in ordinary level schooling our association Friends of Ifakara took the responsibility of assisting on paying her studies, yet she is one of the best students in the project

IMG-20190711-WA0016(score the 2nd grade in her advanced level examination…congrats).

Today she demonstrates that being financially incapable is not a give a way thing to fail but with a support someone can manage to do better in school. She is proud for herself and the association for her achievement.

img_20190716_105759.jpgAs she prepares joining university, she says her ambition is to be a geologist. Danke for all members of the association for a help to make this happens to her, she encourages this program to continue as it is very important to uplifting the students especially coming from poor families like the one she belongs.


Rice harvesting – families are happier

The farming becomes interesting when the crops are seen shining like this in the field. To a farmer as well this is a time of charming as it falls in a truly image drawn during planting season. Every one is now proud of her efforts of farming as the field demonstrate the assurance of food and income at home, and the association too feels strong to make this happen to families we work together. Proud of our work from farm level to facilitatation level, this is now we call farming is charming. Asante sana the association of Friends of Ifakara.

Orphanage Support

People in need are everywhere regardless of the age or gender and our support touches also the life of such groups. Below in the pictures are orphanages from Huruma ya Mungu Orphanage center in Kikwawila Ifakara, as an association working with different groups in need we also thought to share our life by supporting these young children on important household stuff for them to feel are connected with us, in whatever way also feel our presence in their normal life of growth. Though we don’t share day to day life experience at the center but still we remember that there are such groups of people who need our connection, support and care. That’s what we did for them this Easter season and for sure we brought a smiling face to these youngs and the care takers as well. Our slogan was every day to make sure each have a smile and proud of being him or her.

On the sit is Fr. Martin, the director of the orphanage center, him and the children were so much thankful for us visiting and sharing them our time, thoughts and the support, a young lady standing in blow (Clecensia) on behalf said “asante sana kwakutuletea zawadi…pasaka itakuwa nzuri sana kwetu” means that thanks foe the gifts..this Easter will be wonderful for us.

For us as the team in Friends of Ifakara we are very much pleased to share our efforts to make everyone happier and proud .

Danke to every member in the association who makes these possible to happen to our people in Ifakara, by Moses the coordinator.

Life skills development and youth employment

The youth are also part of the forefront group to support on different projects, the landscaping group pioneered for life skills development and environmental protection through tree planting is actively implemented in Ifakara. In fact is a new idea recently introduced by our projects in the association. The engaged young people are hoping to raise awareness to others on life skills but also getting income from it by selling flowers 💐 and tree seedlings to people in and even outside Ifakara Town. Our initiative is to keep the group empowered in order for tjem to realise their ambition to the society.

Said in blue and Abdulakim are the founders of this landscaping group, but currently have 2 part-time more members working together

Shamba work

Women farmers are happy for the assistance from Max, the Austrian volunteer in Ifakara, though he is not used to farm fields but can easily catch up the process and be active in the rice farm, women are very happy to work together and feel proud of their work.