Boresha maadili club- sisi wao na wale katika maadili- Ethical club- we and them in ethics

Kilombero secondary school in Ifakara town is one of our partner that we work together in educating the young students on ethics, HIV prevention and life skills development. The project entails awareness creation on danger of HIV, teachings proper ways and means to avoid the disease and possible ways of infections, empower them on socio-economic skills like engaging on income generating activities to avoid temptations leading to early unsafe sex which is very common.  

This July we implemented together with students and teachers a social event of poems, songs, drama and music from various groups including students themselves to pass the knowledge among all participated people. The T-shirts were printed the club slogan, which also helped as motivation to the club members and awareness to many through it and among the outcome of the event was the official inauguration if the club at the school, more students joined the club of which more and more knowledge is expected to be disseminated to youth in order to create awareness on targeted issues for a safer society in general. We expect this club in the future to reach more schools and more people within Ifakara.



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