Income diversification

After shamba work in rain season, we keep on striving for people sustenance and livelihood development in aspects of gardening and animal keeping.

Wenn die Arbeit auf den Feldern während der Regenzeit erledigt ist, bemühen wir uns wieter um Auskommen und das Verbessern der Lebensumstände der Menschen, v.a. in den Bereichen Gartenbau und Viehhaltung.

IMG-20181016-WA0025Currently after our projects, women in families do not only depend on one source of food and income generation, through the knowledge and teachings in groups women have diversified their activities into more diverse way that  enable them to have an extra source of household food and income to manage the family in terms of housing, medication, clothing, group strengthening in terms of financing themselves. This makes them proud of and more powerful in decision making not only at a family level but also at the level of community they belong.IMG-20181016-WA0029 For this as an Association of Friends Of Ifakara we feel it’s real important thing to make these family proud of themselves.