Orphanage Support

People in need are everywhere regardless of the age or gender and our support touches also the life of such groups. Below in the pictures are orphanages from Huruma ya Mungu Orphanage center in Kikwawila Ifakara, as an association working with different groups in need we also thought to share our life by supporting these young children on important household stuff for them to feel are connected with us, in whatever way also feel our presence in their normal life of growth. Though we don’t share day to day life experience at the center but still we remember that there are such groups of people who need our connection, support and care. That’s what we did for them this Easter season and for sure we brought a smiling face to these youngs and the care takers as well. Our slogan was every day to make sure each have a smile and proud of being him or her.

On the sit is Fr. Martin, the director of the orphanage center, him and the children were so much thankful for us visiting and sharing them our time, thoughts and the support, a young lady standing in blow (Clecensia) on behalf said “asante sana kwakutuletea zawadi…pasaka itakuwa nzuri sana kwetu” means that thanks foe the gifts..this Easter will be wonderful for us.

For us as the team in Friends of Ifakara we are very much pleased to share our efforts to make everyone happier and proud .

Danke to every member in the association who makes these possible to happen to our people in Ifakara, by Moses the coordinator.

Life skills development and youth employment

The youth are also part of the forefront group to support on different projects, the landscaping group pioneered for life skills development and environmental protection through tree planting is actively implemented in Ifakara. In fact is a new idea recently introduced by our projects in the association. The engaged young people are hoping to raise awareness to others on life skills but also getting income from it by selling flowers 💐 and tree seedlings to people in and even outside Ifakara Town. Our initiative is to keep the group empowered in order for tjem to realise their ambition to the society.

Said in blue and Abdulakim are the founders of this landscaping group, but currently have 2 part-time more members working together

Shamba work

Women farmers are happy for the assistance from Max, the Austrian volunteer in Ifakara, though he is not used to farm fields but can easily catch up the process and be active in the rice farm, women are very happy to work together and feel proud of their work.