Income generating projects

Out of catechism
IALI-Foundation continues to build capacities of different groups including the catechists in various owned projects like agriculture, small businesses, schooling and animal keeping for income generation. This has been recognized as an important empowerment mechanism of changing the life and living standards of families, and the most important is changing the mindset of dependency because on doing business it brings the sense of ownership to what a person is doing.

Below is Mr. Oscar Holowa (the catechist) also working on small business of selling Kanga and Vitenge (clothes mostly worn by women) of which has contributed additional income of an average of 288,300Tsh per month as compared before he was only depending on salary of 50,000Tsh from the parish works. This project has impacted his livelihood on different aspects like covering medication, school bills and farm financing. This is big achievement for him and for his family.

Mr OOsward on his grocery shop

Not only that but also Mr Osward the catechist is also doing his business on groceries of which he manages himself and the family on livelihood improvement like housing. He is currently financing his house construction through the business that was empowered through IALI Foundation and the Association of Friends of Ifakara.

The family, the community and all other stakeholders are proud of what Osward is doing.

Mr OOscar Holowa on his vitenge shop while checking his book keeping

Nevertheless, women catekists are not behind on supporting their families through small businesses. Income generated from this business halps the family on food, clothing, schooling and sustaining animals keeping project. Below is mdam Tukuzeni Wisso on her shop at home that was facilitated by IALI Foundation sponsored by the association of Friends of Ifakara.

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